Poems and prose dicht-ungen
by Norval Balch
Astrid Brunner [translations]
ISBN 1895466016
Hardcover price: $49
Hardcover price with slip cases: $53

Designed, like Jason Holt's Feeling Fine in Kafka's Burrow, by one of Canada's star designers, Nelson Vigneault of ThinkDesign, Calgary, this is ABcp's only hardcover book, a limited number with slip cases. Its red textile cover, exquisite frontispiece [based on a George Steeves b&w photo portrait], and the Zapf Renaissance typeface on softly textured paper ["the paper does not yield to the temptation of being yellow," francophone M. Vigneault assured the publisher on the phone in charmingly accented English], are the temple in which this Ode to a Grande Passion is celebrated.

This is a book for lovers and those who understand them, it is a book of summer night smiles with Ingmar Bergman gossamers. In the words of the German translator, "...his love was simple as his craft, and the craft of his father, they were carpenters. his father made zithers, and coffins, often for children. he gave them music, and their final resting place...."