A Winter in the Life of Bundles Mustardseed*
A Winter in the Life of Bundles MustardseedShort stories and odes in prose
by Norval Balch
ISBN 1895466113
*in short supply
Price: $26

Seven years later, the author describes his quadruped love story like this: "Daily tales of the first few months in the life of a Golden Retriever puppy, Bundles Mustardseed, as he explored the wintry paths through the forest at the edge of a New Brunswick lake and showed that world as he met it to his attentive chronicler."

How came this story to be? Norval had enough of the city, his father had just died, his mother wanted to live her remaining years out at the 'camp' by French Lake. So they moved out there in the winter of 1994/95, got puppy Bundles Mustardseed, and the following spring Norval began to build his solar house.

The book began with fax mails sent to the mailing room at MUN in St. John's NF, courtesy ABcp publisher. I usually heard the stories from the mailing room before reading them. The book has a fold-out map of paw and boot prints on the frozen lake. It's on our ABcp reprint list.