Wind, Frost and Fire
Poems by Marguerite Guzman Bouvard
ISBN 1895466083
Price: $26

Wind, Frost and FireScholar, educator, human rights activist Dr. M.G. Bouvard's fifth book of poetry. Many of the poems collected here have appeared in journals first, i.a. the Radcliffe Quarterly, the Bloomsbury Review, Women's Review of Books, and Santa Fe Broadside. Bouvard is a multilingual, well-travelled, utterly human and beautiful writer and scholar.

Critical comments:
"Her awareness of marginal people of every culture arouses our sympathies and truly marries us to the world." [Maxine Kumin]

"Against silence, Marguerite Bouvard historicizes a violent world in which characters emerge as tragic-heroic struggling 'to be wounded yet whole'." [Roblin Becker]