Mimosen: die grossen Leiden des Alten S.
MimosenShort stories by Astrid Brunner Licht
ISBN 1895466091
Price: $31

Autobiographical short story sketches in German. One of ABcp's European collaborations. The overall story tells of Brunner [Licht]'s bureaucratically, and foster-parentally impeded probe into getting the truth about her parents and Swiss adoption. English speaking readers should go to Lies: the Old Man in the Mountains, which is the English draft for Mimosen: die grossen Leiden des Alten S.

Critical commentary on such a hopeless yet enriching quest:
"Deeply lived, compelling." [The Mail Star Halifax]

"From Swiss mountain valley to Canadian lake shore... Brunner always sounds a universally valid note...." [Atlantic Books Today]
Note: this last comment may not be word-perfect, it's translated back into English from a German translation.