On the Night the Flowers Caught Fire: poems and otherwise words
On the Night the Flowers Caught Fireby Astrid Brunner
ISBN 1895466172
Price: $29

68 aphoristic mordant-to-lyrical morality poems, and a nine-page allegory for painter Carol Fraser. 3/3 of ABcp's 2003 'redendpaper trilogy.'

Critical comments on earlier work:
"As darkly lyrical as anything in Gwendolyn MacEwen or Sylvia Plath... the puns recall Gertrude Stein...." [Sunday Herald Halifax]

"...courageous journey through pain to salvation, difficult, lyrical, rewarding." [Beacon Herald Stratford]

"...each word is weighed, the naked word as well as the veiled and allusive." [Glarner Nachrichten-Suedostschweiz, Switzerland]