ExposuresPoems and photographs by Liane Heller and George Steeves
Astrid Brunner [introduction: apologia castigabilis].
ISBN 1895466156
Price: $31

82 pages of poetry and 10 b&w photographs. This book is 2/3 of ABcp's 2003 'redendpaper trilogy.' Exposures is a collaboration of visual and verbal artists that ranks with the best of the 'creative conjugality tradition' in North America and Europe.

Excerpt from the publisher's Introduction: apologia castigabilis: "The love epic that is Exposures sees love as a dialectic without synthesis, of slaughterer and slaughtered, as a tale of blood as a wilful juice, a screaming and uncanny substance, an untidy thing of passion as both flame and suffering — as flesh on butchery blocks disguised as altars."