Memos to No One*
Poems by Jason Holt
ISBN 1895466121
*in short supply to N/A
Price: $24

Memos to No One72 new poems from the author of Feeling Fine in Kafka's Burrow

"Dazzlingly eclectic in his dismantling of language" [Books in Canada]

"Watch out for this guy" [Atlantic Books Today]

"The poet's mission to explore the all-personal I... necessitates a muscular and compact syntax and rhythm.... Memos represents a drastic, and defining, shift in prosody: the stanzas vanish, never to return; all but the I fold into the lowercase; metre shifts from largely blank verse to sharply punctuated ascendents and descendents, dactylic, trochaic, and newly iambic; and vivid language intensifies against a steely context of unsparing self-scrutiny...." [from Liane Heller's Essaying the Vault introduction to Jason Holt's fourth book of poetry, Relics for an Open Vault [2005]:XX.